Lipus, The Physicians’ Institute for the Professional Development of Healthcare

Lipus supports the continuing professional development and postgraduate education of physicians in Sweden. Established in 2013, Lipus is a non-profit, independent, subsidiary company owned by the Swedish Medical Association. The institute contributes to a high standard of education within the healthcare sector to ensure supply the appropriate skills necessary for patient safety and high-quality healthcare. Our core values are quality, transparency, professionalism and long-term commitment.

Lipus main areas:

1. Specialty training: Assessment and inspection of specialist training programmes in accordance with the SPUR model.

2.  National CME/CPD and specialty training courses: Certification and publication of approved course descriptions online.

3. International CME/CPD: National Accreditation Authority (NAA) for UEMS EACCME live educational events held in Sweden and e-learning modules.